John Keast

The Inmate Correctional Education Project says Goodbye

When I first decided to help bring education one-to-one to prisoners through prison visits, I had no idea how great the need was for prisoner education, in life as well as in books.

Serving people in the criminal justice system was hard, but rewarding work. I was continually inspired and motivated by the character and desire to succeed expressed by incarcerated men and women. I received more than I gave.

It is time for the Inmate Correctional Education Project to retire.

The NewLives Project, which has operated under ICEP, will continue as a virtual place to present topics affecting women, including mothers, who are serving or have served time in California prisons, as well as their advocates.

Thank you to all those who served ICEP with dedication and passion.

John Keast, Executive Director and co-founder ofthe Inmate Correctional Education Project/NewLives Project

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